1. I just found out Little Caesars can make vegan pizza.

    A strict vegan diet requires a little more planning for nutritional adequacy because it may require special conditions, such as no animal by-products. Little Caesars pizza crust is made with a quality, high-protein flour and contains no animal products or by-products. The sauce is made from crushed tomatoes and is seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices. It also is made without animal by-products. This means that customers who are strict vegetarians can order a Little Caesars vegetable pizza, without cheese, and still fulfill their needs.

    Additional items can be special-ordered from our menu for a strict vegetarian diet. For example, Crazy Bread® can be ordered without Parmesan cheese along with an order of Crazy Sauce® on the side. 

    I really want Little Caesars pizza and Crazy Bread now.

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    I’m going to check this out in my city.
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